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Mono track bip becomes stereo

Glenn L.

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Hi there,


This is making me scratch my head. I've been trying to bounce down a mono bass guitar, tuned with Melodyne (also selected as mono) but the bounce shows up as stereo (double waveform) though the track is still actually mono. More annoying and distracting than anything else, but can anyone explain why this is happening?





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Keep in mind, there's no such thing as a "mono track". A track doesn't have a format (such as mono or stereo) and can contain mono regions, stereo regions, or even a mix of both.


What matters is the format of the audio SIGNAL you bounce. If the format of your signal is mono you'll get a mono bounce, if the format of the signal is stereo you'll get a stereo bounce.


As the signal travels from the audio regions on the track throughout the channel strip, it has multiple opportunities to change format. There's the input format of the channel strip (the button at the top left of the channel strip), there's the format of the plug-ins you use, and the format of the output of the channel strip.


Triplets example illustrates an example of what often happens: mono audio regions, a mono input channel strip with mono plug-ins, but a stereo output. If you don't include volume/pan automation, you're bouncing the signal at the output of the last plug-in, and you get a mono bounce. If you do include the volume/pan automation, you're bouncing the signal at the output of the channel strip and you get a stereo bounce.


Hope that clarifies a little what's going on.

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No automation

The question isn't whether or not you have automation on the track. It's wether or not you've selected "Include Volume/Pan automation" (which is, I agree, a misleading sentence).


Ok, I de-selected 'Include Volume/Pan automation' and the waveform showed up as expected.


Thanks, David!



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