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Flex Pitch edit window "gone" :o


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In Flex pitch mode (double click audio file) in the bottom window space I edited a lot of things on some audio file.


Hard to describe as nothing really happened or I "did"...I suppose...BUT all of a sudden I can't open the Flex Pitch edit window no more.

I hear all the edits are there and all good, but double click won't open Flex window below no more.


Help! Need to finish some of the edits...


Thank you!

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Hi there- I think I am having a similar experience. If I'm editing an audio region in the arrange window in Flex PITCH mode, double clicking on the region often does nothing. (expected behavior would be for the TRACK editor to open in FLEX PITCH mode). Is this what you're experiencing?


My workaround: switch to another view on that track (or region) in the arrange window (like, say to automation, or I often toggle the "Show/Hide Flex Pitch/Time" key command to HIDE). You can then double click the region and it will open the track editor (but sometimes in the File Tempo view, then you can just click on the TRACK tab) and you should be able to edit the flex pitch).



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...for me, what appears in/on the region window when turning on flex.time is either appearing "rather ramdom" or nothing at all. If/when I then switch to flex.pitch and back to flex.time, then the "lines" appear. Switching between flex.time modes does nothing I can discern...eventually I get something to "work"...(sigh,again).../s~
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