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Making beats from acoustic hits


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I've started making beats from my own acoustic drum hits - how do I best manage arranging

these in Logic? I will need maybe three 2 bar patterns and a couple of variations in this first project


Are there any general tutorials on this?





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Yup, save those .wavs to a series of subfolders on your computer (i.e. Kicks/Snares/Hats etc) and then use them in a sampler, such as exs24, i.e.:-



Then either play them in via a midi controller or piano roll, you can replace the sounds quite easily then too, and/or use the drummer to play your own samples if you target it onto an EXS24 track with your newly saved preset.

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Yes, you could select those tracks which you've got the chopped acoustic hits on then create a track stack. Then, when the track stack is collapsed you can move them/duplicate them as a single region.


Or, of course you could just mix them down into a single audio file and use that and mute/freeze/hide the originals - whatever you prefer really. If i wasn't using EXS24 then i would mix down to a single region.


To Do:- Select all the regions you want in the single audio region, right click then select "Bounce and Join" and either pick:-


Bounce In place - will create a new audio file and keep the originals (But disables them).

Or Join - will replace the chops that you have with a new audio region.


Try each option to see which works best for you, as you can easily undo.


Just remember that if you bounce to a single region that you will lose the opportunity to create separate inserts/EQ per drum element however as it's in the single file.


Using EXS24 will still yield the same results and sound by the way, it's just giving you more control and easier to tweak going forwards as you can quickly replace the snare sample later, for example, but still keep your snare hits in the same position in the timeline. You also send to separate (16) outputs giving you control over different send/EQ levels per instrument.


One other big advantage of EXS24 is that you could utilise velocity for hi hats.

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You can also load samples into Ultrabeat, which also has a few other sound sources and modulators you can blend with your own samples. You can’t do multi layered velocity samples though. If that’s the way you want to go then EXS is definitely the better approach.


I just hate the “spreadsheet” editor style in EXS. Grids of values aren’t really that conducive to people with slight dyslexia issues. It’s actually mentally hard work using that editor.

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