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Straighten up tempo of mulitrack recording


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Before, I would straighten up the tempo of a multitrack recording by first Beat Mapping the song, then recording the tempo information in the audio-regions, then turning on Flex on every track and then make a new tempo-set in order to have a fixed tempo.


Now, with Smart Tempo, I thought it would be easier. This is what I do:

- Select a drum track as that is going to be the tempo-reference track and choose Tempo > ‘Adapt Project Tempo and All Regions to Region Tempo and Downbeat’. This gives the correct tempo-map and shifts all audio region so they all start on a downbeat. So far so good.

- I turn on Flex mode on all tracks

- I make a new tempo-set in order to get a fixed tempo.


I thought this should be it, but not all regions follow the tempo correctly. Also when I change the Flex & Follow option to 'Align + Bars and beats' it's still not working correctly.


Am I missing a step, or is this not working correctly yet?



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Just found out that when I write the Project tempo to the audio-files, like I used to do, then it works perfectly.


Can someone explain why this step is still necessary? I thought that Smart Tempo would just follow the tempo by using bar/beat markers?



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