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Edit multiple take folders w quick swipe comping?

Burn Witch Burn

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Hi. New member here. I've often read this forum but never posted. Maybe someone could shed light on the following...


I'm recording two tracks of guitar simultaneously. DI and Amp. I want to edit one take folder and have the edit appear in the other track as well. I've tried grouping the tracks and checking the edit box, but to no avail. Is there another setting that I am missing, or is this not yet possible?

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Update: This works only if BEFORE you record, you group tracks together and choose Editing & Q-Lock. However, I am still not able to apply this to tracks that were recorded prior to grouping.


Thanks for the answers. I tried summing, but this has no effect on Quick Swipe Editing. I have tried grouping with various combinations of the following boxes checked in the group settings dialog box: Editing, Q-Locked, Track Alternatives, Automation Mode.


I have not seen any entry in the manual that explains what I'm trying to do. If there is a work-around, I'd love to hear it.

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Hi Fusbur. That's a good idea. I hadn't considered that. Disappointingly though, it doesn't work.


Importing tracks from another project doesn't change the fact that they were grouped after recording. They behave identically in the new project.


I also dragged the contents of the two tracks into two new tracks which I grouped (w edit and q-lock selected) before the import. But this is the same as trying to apply the grouping/editing to already recorded tracks.


It was worth trying though, thanks for the suggestion.


As far as I can tell, you have to group before recording, or else this does not work. If anyone knows how to achieve this post-recording, please let me know!

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