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Any patches help easily lower volume on every channel?

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For example, I have 50 channels in my project, but I want to lower the volume of them all by 5db. Is there a patch or anything that does that besides Latch/Trim/Drag?



Logic 10.2.4

OS 10.10.5

Mac Pro (Early 2008) w/ Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2 x 2.8gHz

10 GB Ram 667 MHz

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First thing that comes to mind is the Gain plugin (on a sum)...

LogicPro 10.7.4, MainStage 3.6,
MBPro 17", Core2Duo, 8G, OSX 10.12.6, MacPro, Xeon 6Cores, 64GB, OSX 10.16.1,
ULN8, MOTU MIDI TP-AV, C4, MCU Pro, KorgNano, Novation SLMkII, Several vintage gear
AAS, NI, Celemony, Spectrasonics, Korg, Arturia, etc..., PC, iPadPro 5th gen 12.9”(Duet D., V-Control & LogicRemote), AtariST(Notator SL),

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