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Sounding good in mono?


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I got a single Avantone MixCube to hear what my mixes will sound like on iPhones, etc (without earbuds of course). One of the percussion hits in a track I'm mixing goes hard left..hard right...hard left...etc with each hit. In mono, I'm getting some cancellation/disappearance of this (and other things that are panned somewhat hard to either side). Is there a "trick" to keeping things at the outer edges of the stereo field but still sound good and all there in mono? I'm listening to tons of recordings in which instruments are panned hard left or right yet hold up in mono. Why doesn't mine? Simple quick example - listen to the synth noise that comes in this https://youtu.be/N_lsEl2jNpA?list=PLjIuADMrDKIZz-edWmuzs8I2RX8aXe8tm Depeche song at 0:06. Sounds panned hard right to me, but when played through my iPhone, it's still there. Enlighten me, folks. PS - I'm not posting this to start a "why do you care if your mix holds up in mono" debate!
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You didn't indicate how you are monitoring with the Avantone speaker, ex. when I monitor through my Avantone I do need to make sure I go to my UAD Apollo Console and switch the mixer to Mono mode, otherwise I would be just getting one channel through the speaker. You could also accomplish this by putting the Direction Mixer on your Mix Bus in Mono mode. The should give you a clearer picture. If you are doing these steps, then not sure what the problem could be. I pan tracks hard left and right and as long as I switch to mono mode, everything is there.


As a side-note, since using the Avantone in mono as part of the mix process, my mixes have improved dramatically. The process of mixing in mono not only gives you a picture of how you mix will sound on the systems you identified above, but also help you get your individual track levels right and your effects levels. Very awesome tool.



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