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How do you route USB MIDI between devices? [SOLVED]

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Hi There,


I have an Arturia MiniLab USB Keyboard and a Dave Smith Tempest, both are connected to my Mac via USB and both work as expected independently of each other.


But how do you route USB MIDI so that the MiniLab plays the Tempest? I've done this in the past using a Roland A-300 Pro via DIN MIDI no problems.


The answers I've found talk about Audio Midi Setup and dragging connections but I can never get the connections to stick for USB MIDI. Other answers talk about creating a new external device but my devices already show up? And the environment in Logic looks very serious for something so basic.


The results I've found never explain how to rout USB MIDI specifically - can anyone help with the right search terms?





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In it's basic form it is very simple. ( I recommend you start with a new project for simplicity)


1/ Create one external midi track

2/ Highlight this track

3/ In the track inspector set the port to the tempest

4/ record enable the track


That's it...

The key concept here is "ALL MIDI regardless of the source arrives on the highlighted track"

So now you can play the minilab, or any midi device connected to your computer and it enters the highlighted track and exits via the port you defined.

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