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Musicxml is not a Standard


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I thought xml was a standard, but no.


If you export the score in xml from Logic Pro 10.4.1 Sibelius does not open it. Musescore do it, but with mess.


If I add fingering in Sibelius and export in xml, Logic put the finger numbers not in the same position.


What happens?

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it is a standard but Logic's implementation is fairly new and still being developed. Many implement subsets of the standard and due to the large number of ornaments architectural implementations of how the native software works - not everything can before exchanged. I was able to reproduce your issue in both getting Sibelius to crash on import from Logic ( likely a Sibeliius issue here) and the text issue regarding conversion of fingering in Sibelius to Logic is less than precise ( I duplicated that issues too).... So my only advice is use it to transfer what you can and that works and you will have to make post import modifications to correct or beautify what does not work as expected. Sorry wish I could provide a more quantitative answer.
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