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insert a rests in score without dragging it


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1/ You can enable midi in (red icon midi connector in the center of the local menu) in the score window

2/ open the step input keyboard (make sure it has the focus)

3/ now you can input notes from the midi keyboard and insert rests using the space bar....


You can then create a controller assignment to assign the space bar to a midi note on your keyboard - and hitting that key will insert the rest.

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There are literally so many ways ( more than 10) so this is only one of them.


1/ Enable the midi in icon in the score.(not using the step input keyboard or the mouse for note entry)

2/ all note input is done via a midi keyboard.

3/ I am forwarding the play head by 1/8 note using a key command.

4/ I never manually enter a rest into the score.

5/ Interpretation is off ( important)- syncopation is on.


I only did 3 measures just to demonstrate - and only because I am not a two handed piano player. I did the treble clef first, hit return and then on pass 2 did the bass clef. Used only my right hand, left hand was pressing forward key when needed.


I incorrectly read the downbeat of the 3rd measure so the notes are wrong - so my right hand might actually be worse then my left - but you get the idea :)






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I'm sorry but doesn't work.


Interpretation disabled. Semichroma is the shorter value i want to insert.


Go forward two 1/8 then insert a semichroma. Go forward one 1/8, then insert a semichroma, but appear a semichroma rest and a chroma rest.



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These key commands forward to the next interval downbeat. So use the move forward 1/16.


Here I set up the bass clef with 1/8th notes and 16th note rests in the treble. As I enter a 16th and move forward 1/16 I end up on the downbeat of an eight note






- if I move forward 1/16th again - I end up on the upbeat of an 1/8th note. ( which is what I believe you were trying to do ) So just use a 16th forward instead of an 8th.




Also if the score editor is fairly new to you - you may want to start with inserting the notes manually and learning how to manipulate them with key commands ( this is my preferred way) and as you learn it you can get very fast. It also helps you mentally understand how the score editor works and how notes are position based on their rythmic value....

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and lastly - just to show you a comparison of manual entry vs step entry techniques...


Here are those same three measure without using a midi keyboard and using only the part box and key commands.

Notice how I only dragged a note from the part box "one time" all other notes are derived from what was already in the score....



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