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Sustain Pedal Sounds Muffled


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Hey guys...working in Logic Pro X 10.4.1. Have an M-Audio Hammer 88 with a ProLine sustain pedal. I'm completely frazzled with this sustain. Everything is working fine regarding display in the control bar (i.e. 0 to 127) BUT when I activate sustain it makes the grand piano sound muffled of sorts. This same muffling/wet blanket comes through on the recording as well. So without sustain the piano sounds bright, clear and awesome...with sustain WHICH I need for my tunes it muffles. Anyone ever came across this issue before? Thanks I've bombed my brain and can't figure this one out.
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Providing that your pedal is actually sending CC#64, perhaps your piano patch/preset/plugin, is set to interprete the CC#64 as damper instead of sustain...

Or somewhere, between you pedal and the piano patch/preset/plugin, there is something that convert your sustain to something else. Which could AQA, Smart Control assignment, environment object, among other things.

To troubleshoot, have you tried with either another pedal, or with the same pedal and another patch or independant (not a Logic instantiated plugin) instrument software?

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I tried the factory Steinway channel strip and also the Bosendorfer and Yamaha channel strips. The sustain pedal does nothing to change the sound. I checked with a MIDI Monitor and could see that only CC64 (Sustain/Hold) is being sent when I use the pedal.


I also recorded a single sustained note and saw the sustain pedal toggles in the event list. You can see that here.


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