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Macbook Pro 2015

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Hi, I'm thinking of buying my first Macbook. What I mainly will use it for is music production. My only question is actually, will this macbook handle larger projects in Logic for example?


The macbook I'm thinking of buying is this one: https://www.amazon.com/Apple-MacBook-Display-Graphics-MJLQ2LL/dp/B00XZGMBVC (only link I could find with english text)


Is it worth it or should I buy another on, would appreciate any help!


Kind Regards!


Sorry for my english!

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yes, what are 'larger projects'?


if you store your projects on an external drive (256gb is not a lot of space), you should be fine. i mean, no one can guarantee you anything, but i have a 13" MBP from 2015 (with a faster i7 tho), and get all my work done...(am doing vocals and midi tracks tho, only occasional live bands)...

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