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CPU load high, latency issues, pops and crackles


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Hi people,


This is my first post here and ive been surfing the forum for a few hours and im yet to solve some latency issues with LPX 10.3.2. Im using an RME Fireface UCX

with usually only two tracks recording simultaniously (vox/guitar) two mics.I have input monitoring enabled to monitor with headphones while i record.


MacOS High sierra

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)

2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

170GB free of 500GB SSD

RME Fireface UCX with studio microphones going into inputs 1 & 2


cpu usage 70-122% 38 threads - while recording

memory usage 964MB

latency settings in LPX I/O Buffer size 256

Resulting latency 13.1ms

Recording delay 18 samples

Process buffer range Medium


-2 tracks using 3 plugins on each track (reverb, eq, delay)-(third party)


Im getting pops and crackles. No other apps, programs running. Even running LPX on lo res mode. Even experiencing tearing and crackling sounds when moving mouse around...


I want to troubleshoot what the issue could be, i know there are many similar threads to this but ive searched for specs similar to mine but alas havent found any.

I have updated drivers.

I tried disabling WIFI and bluetooth and also tried a completely new template with just two tracks, no plugins, and there are no artifacts at 64 samples so im guessing the third party plug-ins (Abbey Rd Revereb, J37 Tape delay, Schepps EQ) are causing the spikes in the CPU load and the artifacts.


Im guessing my specs arent good enough to have plug-ins enabled while input monitoring during recording?


Just wish i knew what the bottleneck is? CPU, GPU, SSD(space), RAM???


Please, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Any help guys would be so great! :o :o :?



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Hi triplets thankyou,

yes i've updated LPX and tried stock plugins 'Chromaverb' the new Reverb is a bit choppy but not as bad as ARoad. I backed everything up and performed a full HD wipe and reinstall of OS and Logic. Trying to just use ARoad on main vox only, that seems to be working. Cant believe it was something like a plugin that would cause those probs. Considering i only have two tracks running? Also i looked at the cpu usage and before it was peaking, now trying this it seems fairly stable, few pops here and there. Maybe in future, a new MBPro or UA Apollo?

Thankyou very much for your reply.

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ive had a bit of a breakthrough regarding my issue with pops and artifacts and latency. Ive stopped using Abbey Rd Plates and am now using Valhalla Plates as my go to Plate reverb. Noticed a Big difference. Also on my vocal channel strip where it say sends I chose Bus 1 which created an AUX track which i named reverb. There i inserted Plug-in Valhalla plates where it says Audio FX on the strip (looking at the legend which is on the far left of the mixer) From there i opened up VP and found a setting or preset i liked and saved it. Now from my vocal strip i can see the small round fader next to Bus 1 on which i can adjust the level of VP. I even put my guitar track on Bus 1 as well and found a nice clean level of rev for that.

Im just learning about buses and im not sure why they free up the cpu load yet? but Most definately These two approaches have solved those problems. I can monitor and record with Valhalla plates and the J37 delay and Scheps 73 EQ with no artifacts and even with the buffer size now down to 64 samples!

Thats a big improvement from artifacts at 256 samples before.


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Great to hear you found a workaround!

Using busses for reverbs and delays is the best way to avoid CPU issues.


And yes, one plugin can create havoc in a computer.


Hi triplets,


What about busses for any other plug-ins? are they just for 'time-based FX' like rev's and delays?





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