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Can I make an Midi track's input to none?


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I'm using Logic as midi loops machine. So when it played back synced via MTC to my main DAW, it plays back that midi loops. But when the Midi track have an input, sometimes I select that track will arm it, and it will make a sound by that input.


Just want to set that midi track's input to none.

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File - > Project Settings -> MIDI -> Input Filter to filter out input notes globally




File -> Project Settings -> Recording -> Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording enabled and set the track's MIDI channel to something that is not transmitted by your main DAW.


I'm using the latter method. I set that to channel 16. but actually sometimes I use all 16 channels for 16 insturments in Logic .... I need a way to set one Midi instrument track's input to none.

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