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Screen Shift for No Apparent Reason


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This one has dogged my workflow for years, possibly since the advent of Logic X. Below, the command Play from Left Window Edge is sent. There is no need to shift perspective, and there's plenty of room to simply play from the left edge of the screen. This particular example may look benign, but repeat twenty times per session, at high tempos, with different zooms, for nearly four years, and it gets tedious.



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Thanks Greg. But the project is huge and other responsibilities call. Time and inspiration allowing, perhaps someday I will capture the matter in a nifty, single package and post.


But I'd be stupefied if no one has observed this behavior. (Anyone chime in if you have, not so much for a solution -- just to affirm.)


If I'm repeatedly canvasing the problematic bars, I adjust the zoom. It usually doesn't take much. Whether I make that effort can be calculated in the following equation: frequency over user patience, multiplied by years.


I'll add that this nettlesome screen shift is nearly exclusive to Piano Roll.

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