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Template MIDI/Audio troubleshooting


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Hello, I downloaded a cover template for Logic Pro X where the original midi tracks have been bounced to audiofiles. I wish to edit the midi tracks (wich is still left in the project) to change it to my own melodies, but I cant get any sound from them, they are not muted or anything... I haven´t found any good help online yet, has anyone got an idea of what could be wrong? Is there a setting I have overlooked? Could i bounce the audio files back to midi and keep all sound settings? I am obviously a beginner lol...

Greatful for all respons!

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If the MIDI tracks are empty (without regions onto them) your only chance would be to convert the audio region to MIDI region. Providing the audio region isn't too complex (one timbre playing one note at the time) without or little fx, you could succeed the conversion. However, you should expect to have more or less tweakings...

OTOH, if the MIDI tracks are populated with regions, then you should check those tracks are assigned to a virtual instrument plugin.

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