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Timecode/Faders Choppy and Logic Running slow


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We have suddenly encountered an issue with Logic where the timecode, bars/beats counter, and the fader levels are running very slow and choppy. Logic itself begins running extremely slow as well - regardless of the number of tracks. Every time we click on a new track it doens't change for a few seconds, and the dreaded beach ball will often pop up.


Often we can get the choppiness to stop by clicking around and changing things in project settings, but it’s never the same thing twice that solves it. This also doesn’t solve Logic running so slow, which is the real problem.


The computer is relatively new and has been working flawlessly with large orchestral sessions in Pro Tools just last week. We know that the Antelope Goliath, our interface, often has a lot of problems – but we just got a new box from the manufacturer today to replace our old one that was giving us these problems, and the problem persists.


Here's a link to a short video I took to get the idea of what I mean by choppiness in the timecode. Any ideas?






Update: We tried opening this on an identical rig and it worked perfectly. (The only difference is that the interface is an Antelope Orion rather than a Goliath)

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does this happen to one particular project?, or all. One technique to try is to save channel strips of all virtual instruments, and tracks with any plug ins. If you can turn any virtual instruments, or processed audio, into a new audio track. Then you can shut off all virtual instruments.. That often helps most of the time. I have a mac pro 6 core 64 gig memory.. But because of the 3rd party virtual instruments I use, I hit the ceiling at 30 instruments, then Logic goes into XANAX mode.. Doing the above, I have only real audio tracks.


have you checked 'activity monitor' activity?.... One factor Apple did was use the generic term 'kernel process'.. I have some odd issues, where it will climb up impossibly high 900% +. But it does not tell you what specifically is bogging down. Logic itself, will give processor overload. or just act impossibly slow.. sometimes taking 20 or more seconds to respond to a keystroke.. I shut off spotlight indexing..


Try deleting Logic preferences. (you will shortcut modifications you have made)..


Another idea to try might be to start a new project and import your tr


Apple's advise to me was to clone my system, wipe internal drive empty, re-install OS.. Of course this will break links, lose soft-licenses, create issues with copy protection.


On some occasions, I have started up in safe mode, and -restored OSX. This will move you up to current OSX. That has also rectified the problem..


Of course I'm assuming you have set buffers to maximum length, not good for recording parts in sync in real time, but can be a life saver..


Other times, I bounce the tracks I have down to a 2 track.. I import that into a new empty project, make sure bpm is the same. and I continue recording.. Later after I have solved the 'Logic in LA LA land problem'.. I drag what ever new tracks I have recorded into original


One thing you might try, is temporarily remove all Audio Units. (save of course), delete Logic's prefs. see if that helps. Apple believes


The thing is to think like a detective.. isolate problems down to the smallest issue and test that.. A few years back U-he virtual instruments (which are great = but huge drag on cpu).. Put the most RAM you can in.. That will often solve problems.


Good luck

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