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Latency issues - music not recording as it sounds


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Okay, so I'm running the MOTU ultralite into Logic X, it's weird, when recording, I can hear the beat playing perfectly on beat 1- but when I play it back, even midi-quantized beats play out of time, by some 33 ticks or so. Is there any way to make it so that Logic plays back the audio I record in time? I currently have my Motu Ultralite clock source set to internal. Should I be using SMPTE or something?
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Try changing the buffer size, then back to the original buffer size, now try recording again, this fixes it for me, I occasionally have the problem too, recording perfectly in time with the click, then playback is slightly out of time! computers are wild sometimes!


Good luck

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If I adjust the 'recording delay' that just seems to affect the timing of the audio while recording and does nothing to remedy the actual delayed recording issue.


Don't touch the recording delay slider. Leave it at zero samples.

If you mess with that slider all your recordings are gonna be off.


If you want to improve the latency decrease the I/O buffer number to 64 or 32, depending on the computer you have.

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Quick additional question :


I usually do 2 things when recording : reduce the I/O buffer to 128 and then engage the Low Latency Mode.


But recently, I bumped into a video on youtube that says its not needed to reduce the I/O buffer as the Low Latency Mode does this in background.


Is this true?

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