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Logic Remote


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I have just find out the existence of Logic Remote for ipad.


It's free, but from Apple Store is not possible download an older version and the last needs ios 11, not possible for my ipad 4.


macOS stores all the iOS apps that you downloaded in the folder "Mobile Applications" inside the iTunes folder:

~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/Logic Remote xxx.ipa



So if someone of friend hav got logic remote could copy and send it to me.



Thanks in advance

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This trick just worked for me on the latest version of Logic Pro X using an older iPad:


**Just thought I might add an edit because the shortened Reddit URL may imply that jailbreaking is required but it is not.**


Long story short, here's the quote from a Reddit user on how you get the last compatible version of Logic Remote installed on iPads that are 32-bit only:

"OK heres the thing with older apps that not a lot of people are aware of. If you have already downloaded that app before on your account, then go to the app store, find the “Purchased” tab and search for the app you want. In your case Logic Remote. Hit the download button and it will ask you “Do you want to download the last compatible version?” Hit download and voila!


If you haven’t downloaded it before then find a device that is on latest version of iOS and download it onto that. Then go back to your older iOS device and use the above method.


You can thank me later."


I can confirm that this worked on a 32-bit Retina iPad. I was able to install Logic Remote and control Logic Pro X 10.4. I have not had significant time to test to for 100% functionality, but transport controls, faders, and everything that I've tried to control from the iPad has worked. I've not been recording for a while so I'm still trying to get a feel for Logic Pro X, the last version I had before this was Logic Pro 7 (the 50lb black box version, lol) and while there are many similarities, Logic Pro X has a LOT that Logic Pro 7 didn't have.


Best of luck!

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Nobody knows Logic Remote?

For $7.99 also take a look at LP Touch.




An no, I didn't pay $7.99, more like $29.99 but I still use it all the time, usually in mixdowns.

I position myself farther away from my computer then do a mixdown using LPTouch.

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