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Transform haven't effect


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Where I'm wrong


In Environment I create an instrument object and drag into Arranger to create a track. In the track I put a note (C3) and in Environment I create a Transformer and a Monitor.

The transformer would be transforming C3 into Meta Event 51 and go to Marker 1 (I create Marker 1 in Arrange windows).

The monitor confirms the change, but no effects at all.






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In Project 2 with Two markers the behavior is random.

Check your Transformer. The way you have it set up, you're telling Logic to go to Markers 0 and 2 at the same time. Just set velocity = 98 for your note and that will solve that issue.


In Project2 I can go also to a marker after the meta event.

Could you set that up and attach it here? I can't seem to make it do that.

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