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Track Alternation for Live MIDI and Score Entry


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This was asked in a previous thread. The answer is placed here to be searchable.


The premiere of Track Alternatives in Logic helps to resolve some of the tension between a Live MIDI Entry and a readable Score. The former can look chaotic in Score even as the performance is perfect, and the latter might be correctly notated but play back will less vitality due to quantizing.


Often Score quantizing (which does not change the underlying MIDI) allows the happy co-existance of both performance and notation in one region.


For times when the two goals are irreconcilable, Logic's Track Alternatives can allow the user to switch between a live MIDI region for recording and playback and a region that has been step-entered (or hard-quantized in Piano Roll) for print out.


Remember too that there is a previous / next alternative key command to step through all versions. Also, to generate the Score version, Logic can duplicate the live performance region as a launching point. (Or, of course, the music can be manually entered, then recorded live.)


[ Presently, as of 10.4.1, Piano Roll will not keep apace of the alternations. But Score will, as seen below.]



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