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Ok, I Give Up... How Dose this Forum's Idiotic Search Function Work?


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I've come in here to find out how others are dealing with the "Audio File Not Found" bit of stupidity Logic insists on presenting me with each time I open my project, despite having deleted all unused audio files and performed a Clean Up in the Project Manager. So I attempted a search on "Audio file not found", the alert text, and got 17,988 responses. Why so many? Because the Logic Pro Help search engine has decided to ignore all criteria except the word "found". Here's what accompanied the report:

Searched query: audio file not found

ignored: file audio not

Why is it ignoring three words out of the phrase?


Is trying to get Logic to behave rationally not enough of a challenge, that we have to also spend valuable time trying to make sense out of the search function on this forum site as well? Really? I've gone into the advanced search and tried every method available there, but can't get it to search for the whole phrase. So let me just open my wallet—since time is money—and wait while Logic Pro Help explains to me how to use this bizarrely idiosyncratic search (dys)function.


Q: How do I get the search function to perform a phrase search, as a normal search function would?

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