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Missing Kick in Drum Kit Designer


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I'm working on a project and I did a "Save As" so I could experiment with a new version. I like the new version and want to continue with it but a couple of problems have cropped up.


The main problem is the kick drum went missing. When I was working on it last night, I noticed that DKD wouldn't let me choose a different kick drum. It showed two blank squares where the options would normally be, although the kick I was using was still there. Today when I opened the project, the kick is missing completely. The sound is missing as well as the graphic from DKD.


The second problem is that when opening this new version I get the message "Some additional content is needed for this project."


The original version of the project doesn't have either of these issues. DKD works as normal and I don't get the message when opening. Also, Sound Library Manager shows I have all the drum content downloaded. Because the original is fine, it seems like something got corrupted with the new version of the project file.


Has anyone experienced these issues, and is there a way to fix the new version so I don't have to redo the work I did in it?


Thanks in advance.



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Never seen that!

If other weird problems occur with other projects, it would be wise to reset your prefs... After that, in order to save your work, rebuilding your project by importing into a fresh new project. and from a new template, every track that seems fine, except from the corrupted drum track. which you should proceed indirectly by importing only the MIDI data from the desktop; that imply you had already exported that from the corrupted project.

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Atlas007, thanks for your input. I ended up redoing my work in a new copy of the original, and so far there are none of those issues. I don't know how or why, but it seems the issues are tied to just that version. If I encounter it again I'll trash the prefs and proceed as you suggested. Strange, huh?
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