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Can I bounce and save the stereo file on new tracks in the same project?

Martin John Butler

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I'm creating a "medley" of many songs and commercials I've written as a demo tape. I've always bounced to my desktop and then dragged the bounce back into the Logic session so I have a 2 track copy there, just for convenience and as a backup.


Is there a way to bounce directly to a new stereo track without going to desktop and back?


Thanks :-)

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Thanks Atlas007. I'm not sure if Bounce in Place includes the plug-ins or not. What I was asking, (perhaps not quite clearly enough) is can I run a Bounce of my final stereo mix back into a new track within my session, rather than bounce the final to my desktop. It's no big deal t bounce to my desktop, then copy to iTunes and drag the final mix to a new track in my Logic project, I was just curious if could do it directly. Essentially can I run a stereo mix of my track to new tracks within the DAW itself.
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In your bounce dialog there is a checkbox to "Add to Project", check that, and the bounced stereo file will be placed in a "Bounces" subfolder in your project folder/package. All you have to do then is open the project browser and drag the file to the tracks area.
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