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Swells in Studio Strings, etc


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Using the patches in the old(er) 'Orchestral' EXS24 I could draw in expression curves to get swells and fades, etc- its taken me an age to figure out that in Studio Strings you have to first turn on 'dynamics via CC' and then use 'dynamics' in the 'smart controls' to get something similar. However.... with 'dynamics via CC' checked on, even with the automation curve/line at maximum the sound is considerably quieter than what I get when 'dynamics via CC' is turned off. Is there another CC control that it also 'reads' when 'dynamics via CC' is on that is doing this? Or is there a better way to create swells, etc in Studio Strings?


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If you are working with the Smart Control's Dynamics knob, you could edit the intensity (increase the maximum) by modifying the Gain curve.

First you open the Smart Control editor (clicking on the "i" to the top/left of the Smart Control area).

Then, click on the Dynamic control knob to select it (it gets highlighted with a light blue aura).

Select the Gain parameter and click on the Scale: Open.

You could then adjust the response curve to your liking.

Since the swell is preformed by use of a compressor (combination of various parameter), it would be advisable to open that compressor plugin to gauge the effect of your adjustments...

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