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How can I write automation with a controller?


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I have some tracks that I want to draw in my own automation with the Mod Wheel on my keyboard, or with the assigned fader on my AKAI MPD226 controller.


However, even though I can hear the mod wheel works with the dynamics function in the plug-in (strings), nothing gets written during playback in either Touch, Latch or Write mode.


I thought I could just put the automation mode to Latch and when I would hit Play, the controller movements would be recorded in the track. No?






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There are Track and Region automation modes. Some controllers can only record as MIDI data, others as the parameter they affect. I'm sure you'll sort it out. One last gotcha. Check MIDI automation in Prefs. Some controllers are automatically mapped to "smart controls" and no longer work as simple MIDI emitters. Turn off the automatic assignment on your AKAI, or edit the specific mappings.

You might take a look here


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Hi Alex,


I'm hoping I've understood your problem correctly here, but I think I know why it isn't working. Fernandraynaud seems to have touched on this already I think.


I'm assuming the dynamics stuff you're talking about for the strings is in Kontakt (I have had this exact problem myself you see). What's happening is that your modulation wheel is outputting MIDI CC, which is being put in the CC lane on the regions (as you'd expect).


Remember, technically speaking what's going on the Automation lane is not MIDI CC data. You can assign a controller knob that's outputting MIDI CC on some other value (say MIDI CC 20) TO that automation lane, but it's interpolating the results and storing it differently. MIDI CC always goes on the MIDI region.


Try hitting record and moving the mod wheel - you'll see the CC data being written in the same place you find the sustain pedal info, called the 'Region Automation' in Logic.


Here's how you achieve what you're trying to do:


NB: If you're using the Native Instruments Symphony Series stuff, then tough luck, you're stuck using MIDI CC from the modulation wheel, editing and writing it in piano roll. This is because, for some ungodly reason, they didn't make the 'Dynamics' knob available for Automation. It sucks, but there we go.


You could mess around with changing what the Modulation wheel is sending out on your keyboard (It's CC1 by default) to allow you to bind it to other things, but I'm betting you cba with that because I certainly can't in my everyday workflow.


Best bet is to use the 'Automation Auto Select' and 'Automation Quick Access' features in Logic, and set an unused MIDI controller knob to that, assuming the plugin in question has made the parameter you want to move available to Logic.


Enabling Automation Auto Select: Mix > 'Auto Select Automation Parameter in Read Mode'

Enabling Automation Quick Access: Logic Pro X > Preferences > Automation: Toggle Automation Quick Access, twiddle the knob you want to use.


Now, with automation lanes showing (shortcut is 'a' by default) you can move the virtual knob on the plugin you're using and immediately write automation to it either using your quick access knob or by manually drawing on the automation lane.


Hope that helps!



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