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Playlist equivalent?


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Hi there, folks


Just did some drum tracking in a Pro Tools - 11 takes with 12 mics. The engineer/drummer said there must be a Playlists equivalent in Logic Pro, where I can associate the separate mic recordings with takes and edit/solo the different takes. I usually sing all alone and know about take folders, but how would I set up similar behavior with 12 mics grouped?


Many many MANY thanks for any helpful tips!


- Fredo

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Track alternatives is what your looking for.


Right click on any track header and select "configure track header". A small up and down arrow will appear to the right of the track title. If you click on that arrow a dropdown menu will appear. From there you can create new alternatives, duplicates, or delete existing ones. I would assume if you have a bunch of tracks grouped, they would move from alternative to alternative in tandem.

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I left out one step. After you select configure track header you have to check "track alternatives", then you will se the small up and down arrows in the header

Hmmmm... I'm still a bit puzzled, and perhaps it's because I have set up the session incorrectly?


What I did:


I imported the first take, all 12 tracks (two of which were stereo).

I created audio tracks for each with names automatically matching the file name.

I set up the pans and volume levels of the different tracks

I sent them all to a new AUX track, rather than master outs

I sent that AUX track to master outs.

I grouped all of these mics of the first take and set the group to link solo, mute and editing.


So that's what I did with the first take.


To import the other 10 takes I first made a "new track with duplicate settings" of each track.

Moved them all down to below the first take's tracks.

Placed the 12 mic tracks of each new take on the appropriate track.

Created a new group for each take set to link solo, mute and editing.

Colored each new take a different color.


Next I created a Track Stack for each set of takes, so, when closed, I have just one track per take.


So that's where I am now. I took your advice and right clicked on the track header, and enabled Alternate Takes. But now what? I went in on the first take and clicked the arrow, created a new take, but how do I associate the separate takes to each other?

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