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How to Non-Destructive processing?

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Is there a way to setup Logic to not destruct an audio file by processing it and instead automatically create in-place a new processed audio file?

For example if I perform a time stretch the original file is lost and all regions in the project that belongs to that file are affected. The same happens if I perform a reverse or a pitch stretch etc.

Manually export or convert an audio file to a new one and import it into the project at the right place by creating a new track and finally process it, involves a big waste of time. I think and I really hope Logic is able to do this automatically. Is this possible?

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Thank you for replay. No, I don't use clone regions, I don't like their behavior. I normally do a copy of a region. I'm working with regions in my arrange window where the whole project is.


If I wish to see exactly what I'm doing by time stretching a region I have to do this in my arrange windows. But time stretching a single region affects also all other regions that belongs to the same audio-file in the same project. But also if I don't have a copy of that region in my whole project my original audio file is in any case gone for ever.


I would like Logic to automatically create a new time stretched audio-file living the original one untouched. How can I do this? As written in my post to manually bounce the region creating a new track (and new audio file), perform time stretch on this new region, put this new region back on the original track, delete the track just created by the bounce is a huge waste of time, is it not?

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Old school style: Control-click the region, choose Convert > Convert to New Audio File(s) then process the region which is now referring a new audio file.


New school style: forget about destructive processing. Turn Flex on for the track, and Option-drag the upper right corner of the region to time stretch it.

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