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score editor mid-measure line break


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How can I do a mid-measure line break? Let's say the music is in 3/4, and I want to insert a line break after the first 2 beats, and bring over the last remaining beat to the next line in the printed sheet music. I also need that mid measure line break to be invisible, so as to leave a open staff at the end of the broken staff. Thanks!

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Great question!!


I assume this is what you want to achieve...




1/ using the layout tool move the measure in question down to the next staff line

2/ either using the scissor tool or up in the arrange window.. spit/cut the region at the downbeat of 3 ( on the measure you want to separate).

3/ using the layout tool - move the first part of that measure back up to the previous staff. Done!

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Thank you, that's exactly what I want to accomplish! But clearly I'm doing something wrong as I can't get it to work.


Step #1 in your instruction I can do.

Step #2 in your instruction, I assume the downbeat of 3 means the playhead is # 3 1 1 (where # is the measure #), and apply the scissor tool there. But the playhead jumps to the first beat of the next measure.


So I'm stuck...

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In 3/4 time I meant the downbeat of beat 3 or where you want the split to occur...



I see what you are saying.... if you are using the scissor tool hold down the option key as well to allow finer position control. (it will use the division value set up in the control bar)

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