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EXS sample transfer mystery?


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I copied my entire sampler instruments folder over to my laptop from my studio mac, it was 3.2gb, i copied it to the same place on my laptop. I Opened up my exs24 sampler in logic and strangely enough they all played no problem! I was expecting to have to copy all the samples over!


how has this happened? I mean its great and saves me a lot of work but i don't get it.


I have a lot of the samples on this laptop too, but EXS didn't come up asking me to search for missing files or anything.


Im going to create more banks now but want to get my head around this so i do it right.



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The sample paths are stored in the instrument. (And the actual samples in monolithic ones.)


If the samples aren't there, Spotlight and the usual folders are searched to find the location of them, and once found, the new locations are written to the instruments.


So as long as the samples are available and can be found, it's designed to be seamless.


It's only when something happens that you should start to get prompts (samples can't be found, Spotlight indexes don't index sample locations, Spotlight indexes are corrupted, samples are renamed or corrupted, those kinds of things.) Of course, it doesn't *always* work seamlessly, but your experience is how it's supposed to be! :)

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It's not something you can create in Logic, as far as I know (although haven't checked lately).


It's a part of the format, and Apple use it and have developer tools to create monolithic EXS files. I also use Keymap Pro that can import and export/save monolithic EXS files...

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