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Problem syncing 2 mac with logic for live base backup


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one of my friendr got a big problem syncing 2 mac for live setup.

I don't have this kind of experience, so here I am for your help.

What he need:

he need to have 2 mac running musical base during live gig, and if one mac is crashing, the second one is continue running.

At the moment, both are in perfect sync, but if one is crashing, also the second is stop playing.


Attach I have the pictures of setting:

using 2 MacBook Pro


1 Radial SW8 switch


2 mac conected via ethernet in audio midi config

mac are connected to interfaces with thunderbolt.

the output of ionterfaces are connected to SW8 switch A/B (Main/Backup)


on MAC MAIN, he Flag on transmit MMC (picture 1)

on MAC BACKUP, he Flag on listen to MMC (picture 2

on synchronization he flag Auto-enable External Sync (picture 3)


with those setting logic reveal Locators position but not transmit start and stop

if on mac Main we flag transmit MTC, they are in synch and start and stop are working, but in case of crash, also backup is blocking (picture 4)


Any suggestion is welcome







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