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Create automation points on start midi notes?


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Hi there,


Is there a way to create automation points at the start of each midi note in a region? Now I am using the marquee tool by selecting each note manually.

The downside of this is, it takes a lot of time because I have a lot of notes in 1 region.

This is what I am aiming for >



This is what I want to do once all the points are set >





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Select the Mode: "Copy selected events, then apply operations"


In the Select Events by Conditions area, under Status chose "=" then "Note". Leave the rest of the conditional parameters to "Thru".


In the bottom (operational) part, under Status chose "Fix" then "Fader"; under Channel and Pitch choose "Fix" for both, and set their respective corresponding values according to the related parameter to automate.

In order to find out about those values, you will need to manually create an automation point of that parameter, then open the Fader Event List editor (using the Ctrl+Cmnd+E key-command).

The manually created Fader event will appear in that Fader Event List, displaying its two other identification values, to be entered in the Transform window's previously mentioned spots.


Triggering the Select and Operate command (at the bottom of the Transform window) will create the Fader automation in the Region (as RBA).

However, there is likely another step you might need to do, which consists of dealing with the zero-value automation points that were also created; as it seems that the Note parameter in the Transform window, accounts for both note-On and note-Offs events. Using the Transform window again, but this time in "Delete" Mode which should ease the selection and deletion procedures in one step operation.

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