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Problem With Sine Waves When Importing Samples In EXS 24


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Hi Everyone,


I'm creating some custom samples and running into a problem with importing them into the EXS. Every time I do the sample blends with the sine wave, so I end up hearing sine wave on play back which I do not one. Can anyone advise on how to get rid of this?





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Atlas, thanks for the reply. So when you the EXS without a loaded sample you get that basic waveform sound (I think it's a sine wave). So when I create a new sample and import it in, instead of playing the raw sample, it plays back with the mix of that waveform and the sample. I can't find anything on line about why this happening and was wondering if you or someone could make a suggestion? Thanks- Damion
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Hey, back again with another EXS24 question. So I'm creating samples in a Logic Project and then saving them to the EXS as we talked about earlier in this thread. When I create a new Logic Project and open up a new EXS track I'm not able to find any of my saved samples. Any idea is to why this is? This sampler is proving to be a real headache. Any clarification would be helpful. Thanks
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