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How does compressor auto-gain work?


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I believe Cubase's compressors have an "auto-gain" makeup feature as well, where it calculates the amount of reduction and adds that onto the output signal. I see in Logic, there are only options for 0 dB and -12 dB. What do these two buttons do to the signal? In Cubase, the setting makes the output sound crisp and clear, yet in Logic, it seems to weirdly bump the volume more than wanted. What's the best way to make use of these?
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To understand better, set the Compressor display in Graph mode, and experiment with the Treshold, Ratio and Make-Up gain dials, engaging the Auto-Gain in its 3 positions...


That helped a bit. I guess what I'm after is the ability to recreate what Cubase does (if you wanna do a quick google about their compressor's auto make-up gain). From my understanding, the 0dB or -12dB settings in Logic can kinda strain the sound, whereas Cubase is more responsive to what's actually being reduced in volume, and what to precisely make-up based on that.

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