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Sample rate conversion from 96K to 44.1


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I'm down-converting and dithering in Logic Pro and wondering if I'd get better results doing this in iZotope or Sample Manger? What's considered best practice? How does LP's conversion stack up compared to alternatives (for conversion)?





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I think for most if not all situations the downsampling in Logic is more than adequate. Whether it's technically better than iZotope or Sample Manager I can't say for sure, but safe to say that 99.9999% of people (probably even audio engineers) would never be able to tell a difference anyway without scientific tools so at some point you really gotta ask yourself what you're doing with your time.


Maybe 'Golden Ears Mastering engineer' might say they can hear a difference but I'd sure like to see a blind test done...


I hope that answers your question - but I know it's not exactly what you were looking for.


Basically: Logic's conversion will do you just fine.


Edit: I hear that Tools' conversion is junk. Or at least that it used to be.

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