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LPX collaboration to Audio Post/Vidio with PT


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I gather this might be more of a wishful post than reality..... YET! Been working on different DAWS since the mid 60's. Having been through the old Logic days (PC) but before Avid was into audio I ALWAYS hated their lack of sequencing mostly due to the lack that audio was an afterthought however I have projects that come through that I have to and now with this big hoopla about Collaboration especially with "PostVideo and Video" either the other end doesn't have Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro it gets very cumbersome driving each track one by one and emailing, at times very large files. So! :) In my inevitable fashion of wanting to be ahead of the Jonses I'm sure you haven't had this go unnoticed! To be honest when Apple bought Logic I had fears of the days Gibson bought Studio Vision (That in my opinion) blew MOTU out od the water! They were down the street from Sound Designer and things started growing. I still have the original Floppy's then CD's. I know Apple has done it's best to avoid future events from being made public to the point that iPhone picture pre getting severely punished I got distracted! Needless to say Apple has kept Logic moving forward and that has been a wonderful thing! So all this having been said I can only hope my hopes will be granted even cross platformed! Could you only imagine? There are times that competition is a good thing and then there are times I wish we could all play together!
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No doubt! U can dream can't I? For instance. Just got handed a 10 min corp video needed music. Client had to bring a thumb drive of the video done with Final Cut Pro. Now I need to send the stereo mix of the music from top to bottom done in Logic Pro X and now have to send both the video and music to a studio that will do the audio post. ProTools has a collaboration feature and I could bounce the elements import them into Protools and then collaborate.Sure is a lot of footwork! see high end composers using Logic. Definitely my preference! It would be great to cross platform! Probably too much work for too few users.
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