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realtime region gain (without region float window) + region lock


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i would like to that features with Logic Pro.


1- Realtime Region Gain without region float window (separately each regions) like Protools Clip Gain, or Magix Samplitude Pro Objects Gain


2- Region Lock ( include lock icon inside region) that features like track lock but this time for all the individual regions. when you come to the region and lock, can't (move-delete-fade in/out-change gain-nudge-trim-marquee) The lock icon should be the key icon.


if this switch is not active the color of the key must be green,


if this switch is active the color of the key must be red,

thank you

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I am +1 for the second thing but could you elaborate more on what you mean by real time region gain?


Each region / clip in logic already has its own independent gain controls in the inspector window. The only thing that I could think of that you mean is that you desire a way to just use a hotkey on a region to drag & change its gain.

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