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Automation with StylusRMX in Logic Pro X


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Does anyone have some info on how to do this.

From the Environment I wired up to a StylusRMX track to perform changes to any control in StylusRMX, but I know there's a better way with MIDI Learn, but I'm just not getting how to do that.


Pitch is what I want to automatic and I know it'll be Pitch to the loaded instrument which is what I want, not a global pitch.


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Just a side question, how do you find Stylus RMX?

Does it add features Logic does'nt have?

At the time I bought it I had Logic 9, I still like it.

Two features I like is changing the rhythm pattern to a StylusRMX pattern or I can following another StylusRMX instrument already playing.

Then there's variation, you can change to 8 different patterns from the original pattern.


Here's a little demo of me just creating something out of the blue with StylusRMX.

You'll hear me moving the Pitch slider, that's why I wanted to know how to automate the controls on RMX, I can do it from The Environment no problem, but I think there's an easier way.


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I think that I will go for it when I come back from tour...

Thanx for sharing the video.

If RMX works the same as the 3 other Spectrasonics plugins, right-clicking on a (RMX) control, then selecting from that menu "Enable Host Automation"; that should assign an ID automation number to that control, which can then be retrieved in Logic's (track header) parameters' list (to be automated) menu.

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