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Replace ONLY Kick Drum vs. Whole Kit with Producer Kits?


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If there is already a thread on this, please send me the link (can't seem to find one). Here is my question:

Is there a quick/easy way to select a different kick drum sample WITHOUT changing the whole drum kit selection? Meaning: I like the kick drum better from one kit, but not the snare - know what I mean?


Thanks & let me know



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If using the DrumKit Designer, open that plugin and clicking on the feature kick will open panes from where you could select and adjust the sound characteristics.

If using the DrumMachine Designer, open the plugin and clicking on (one of) the tiles assigned to a kick will open the library pointing at the available other kiks samples.

Alternately (depending of your setup), you cold use the Drum Replacement approach.

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Thanks guys, but let's try my question this way: Using the Drum Designer (Producer Kit), is there a way to CHANGE DRUMMERS to find a different kick, while still keeping all of the other (existing) drums from the first Drummer? I already know about messing with tuning, dampening etc. using just one drummer kit.
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