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Suddenly cannot record in Logic pro X


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Hi all,


Sorry in a bit of a panic here, but for some unknown reason i went to record a session today and after arming tracks Record enabled, Logic seems to freeze up?!?

It crawls for maybe 1 second before coming to a stop and freezing?

I can see signal coming in but very delayed. Not sure what happened? is this a bug?

I can hear everything fine as i'm monitoring with TotalMix FX.

Never experienced this before!

Attached pic shows logic frozen after about 10 seconds..


Please help anybody :(


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I scrapped that template and tried a new one, tried turning everything off and on again, created new template, and re-installed Logic...

All to no avail..

BUT...i played around and found the solution...

It was to do with the Locators in the cycle area blocking the recording process. Sheesh...oh well this may just help someone out there? dont know how it happened but if you find youself in this predicament, just try looking at what your locators are doing in the cycle area (yellow bar used to cycle playback or cycle-record)

Sorry to make a new topic on this but

in the end this might help someone else


Cheers :)

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Ha! precisely,


When cycle mode is on, its yellow right..

But when the cycle frame is 1 its so marginal you cannot see the yellow indicator. It was only when i stretched it out that i noticed it was indeed on. What a stinker..





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