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PIano Roll: Show ANY CHANNEL midi automation

Simon R.

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This issue is really driving me nuts. It seems like Logic is randomly recording CC data to different channels... So I constantly have to select "MIDI Channel>Any" using the mouse to be able to view and change what is going on. It seems to default to channel 1, which is obviously almost never where the data is present. It's almost provoking; I can see the MIDI data in the background (ghosted out by Logic), but I can't get to it with any keyboard shortcut, I really have to go and change it manually all the time!


Am I missing something? I am spending so much time and getting so annoyed with constantly having to go down and do this when I am working. Is there a way to force Logic to ALWAYS record CC to channel 1? Or a way to make piano roll default to showing "any" channel in region automation?



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