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Some Busses Prevent Plugin Editing


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Here's a new one I've never seen before...


I recently started a new mixing project and populated all the tracks, set up simple bus routing etc. and started the mix. Two of the busses I set up will allow plugins on them, and those plugins will pass signal properly, but the bypass 'power icon' in the top L corner is a darker grey than normal and none of the features within the plugin window will change when you operate them with the mouse. Drag that same plugin to a different bus or track, and it works fine. Alter the settings dramatically on that track, drag it back to the original bus, and the sound is altered accordingly but all the editing ability turns off again! Regardless of mono/stereo, plugin manufacturer, sample rate. I quit and restart the computer, no dice.


This is my first project in 96k, but as I said it seems independent of sample rate, and all the plugins I'm using are capable of operating in 96k. Any thoughts?

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