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Routing Nightmare - Can't route to bus


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I believe I've created a problem using track stacks and importing channels from another project.


I'm trying to route a group of tracks through an Aux channel, but when I route them all to a bus, Logic isn't creating an Aux channel as usual. I'm hearing tracks I shouldn't hear and I hear the tracks independently of any bus I try to route them through. I'm working to a movie, so at one point after trying to route the tracks I wanted to group, I couldn't NOT hear the original audio from the movie. The only way I solved that is by removing the movie. Still, however I can't seem to route the group of tracks successfully through an AUX.


I'm new to track stacks so initially I tried both forms of track stacks -- perhaps this caused the problem as I flattened the track stacks (which i assumed just un-grouped them).


Trying to make a deadline. Any help appreciated!!


- d

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If you want to route the audio in the stack through an aux, you select Summing Stack when creating it. That will automatically set the output of your selected tracks to an unused bus which then is set as input in the new created Track Stack "main" aux track.
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Thanks! I figured it out. What was happening, is that when I "flattened" my stack I assumed that it was getting rid of the Folder. Instead, the folder stack channel that was created remained... so when I later created the "summing" stack, it was still being routed through the "folder" channel. Two stacks at once I guess. That is why I could still hear the group while dropping the fader entirely on the summing channel.
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