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Imposible to disable Mixer arrow key command use?


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Is there any way to disable the arrow keys from selecting next/previous track in the Mixer? I've tried replacing the key commands, but Logic doesn't care. It simply will not let me use arrow keys when a Mixer window has focus without scrolling through the mixer tracks, regardless of modifiers or key command settings. I use ⌘ with arrow keys to zoom in and out of the Tracks window on an external monitor and if I happen to have touched a mixer fader without switching the focus back to the Tracks window, suddenly my Tracks view is gone. This is extremely frustrating when comping large take folders. I don't understand why I can't keep the arrow keys exclusive to my tracks window if I want. What's the point of the key command preferences if Logic is just going to ignore what I want to use my keys for and impose its own shortcut?
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