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key command/workflow problem


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I recently needed to replace my old usb keyboard with a magic (bluetooth) keyboard. Some of my key commands have subtly changed hindering my work flow. For example when pressing the. / key I used to go back to the previous locater/cursor position which was great to place the cursor at the point I was currently working on. I have found a key command that does that and assigned it. "Go to last Locate Position". However when it has relocated to there and I hit the spacebar to start play....I am sent back to the beginning of the song and play doesn't start from that position, rather from the beginning of the song. That., of course then becomes my last locater position and I lose the mark that I actually wanted to go to where I was working. Do I have key commands that are canceling each other out or overriding each other? My return button is set to play from beginning and...that;s ok. I just want the space bar to start and stop from wherever the cursor is and not jump back to the beginning??? Please let me know if you need more info on where other key commands are assigned in case they may be in conflict with programming my spacebar to what I would think (and on my old keyboard used to workfine) would be an simple start and stop command. If I want to jump back to the beginning I want to press the return not the space bar. Hope I have explained my problem clearly.



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Try this:


a) In Keycommands Window, assign spacebar to the command: "Global Commands: Play or Stop"

b) In Logic's Main Menubar on top of screen, choose "Navigate" > "Play Button Options"

c) Checkmark "Play from Marquee Selection" and checkmark "Play from Last Locate Postion"


Then see if this fixes your issue.

Warm Regards.

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