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Fish Glanz


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Two months ago I woke up with a simple musical theme in my head and these two sung words: Fisch Glanz.

Do you know this sense of meaningfulness of what your mind was after in the moment when you woke up? But what does Fisch Glanz mean? "Fisch" is Fish and "Glanz" is glitz or glitter or splendour in English. Alright. Some fish do glisten in the light. German words are merged quite often, so if the glistening of fish were something of significance to somebody, "Fischglanz" would be a valid composite word. But I was quite sure - why ever - the two words had to stand separate. In order to point this out I decided to use the English word Fish (which sound the same) while leaving Glanz German. These two words belong to each other, but there is a need of preserving the own character of each.

Next, I had my daughter sing the words for me, I recorded them and used them with EXS24mkII first, but then there was no stopping and I got to know Alchemy, and this is the result:



Still I wonder what the deeper meaning of Fish Glanz is, but at least it was fun to arrange this song - enjoy.

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Thank you!

How did I do this? Hmmm... Well, the first part is how I had it in my head, I just had to set up some Synthesizers to get the sounds I needed (probably inspired by music of the eighties when I was a teenager). Then I was curious about Alchemy, which I hadn't used before - I wanted to know what all the excitement was about and how it works, so I started experimenting and found I could turn a single sung word into a choir. Together with my passion for chords it led me to the somewhat spacey second part. I created a string synth based on what I know about the Hohner String Melody and phasers using Reaktor... But finally I had to get back to the sound of the beginning and decided to just let it "drop off".

What do you mean: a run down?

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