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EXS24 Sampler Instrument crash


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Hi, a while ago I created an EXS Sampler Instrument by chopping up an audio track consisting of a long horns part. I then played in a nice MIDI track which used a few of the chopped samples.


Yesterday, I was learning more about how the EXS24 works. Within the Instrument Editor, I was exploring the Audio File tab, clicked on the down arrow of one of the chopped samples then Opened In Sample Editor > Functions > Trim.


As a result of doing this, only one of the chopped samples now played whatever note I hit on my keyboard or the piano within the Instrument Editor. So I hit Undo Trim. Unfortunately, this made Logic crash. When I re-opened the project, the same problem remains: the keyboards only play a single sample whatever note on them you press (and if you look at the audio of any sample it's now identical). Bizarrely though, when I play the original MIDI part back by clicking on the Play button, it's still intact.


How do I restore the original Sampler Instrument please?

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Thanks David. I didn't get that alert unfortunately, otherwise I wouldn't have proceeded. Looks like I'll have to try to reconstruct the instrument!

Oh really? That alert should always pop up when attempting a destructive operation. Maybe you've checked "Don't Show that Message Again" before... you can reset your alerts by choosing Logic Pro X > Preferences > General > Notifications.

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