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strange behaviour


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Long time Logic X user. Logic is recently acting strange.


(1) Try to activate Cycle button: it goes yellow, but then instantly deactivates.


(2) Try to open plugin manager: it opens, but then instantly closes


(3) sometimes it just keeps bouncing the project over-and-over. It's almost like somebody with another keyboard keeps pressing some shortcut to bounce repeatedly.


These are just some of the really strange behaviour.


I've tried


i) reset preferences

ii) delete, re-download, re-install

iii) remove all plugins, into different folder so only apple plugins load

iv) only using internal soundcards


none of these things are working. In other software, the computer behaves as normal. It does not feel like anybody is hijacking my keyboard and pressing repeated keys. Only logic has this.


8 Core 2013 trashcan Mac Pro here. I'm pretty sure something is wrong with Logic. My other software has no problems.


please help,


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Hi guys,


Jakob: thanks for tip.


David: I have a 3rd Party mouse utility. I also have a non-apple Keyboard.

And strange problem happens all 3 methods.


Good news is that I have it under control for now. I'm not sure what exactly I did. Will report back if it happens again.


thank you for help. eljf

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