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How to attach files to your post

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You can drag and drop files directly into the text editor:


  • Command-Shift-3 for a full screen screenshot
  • Command-Shift-4-drag around an area of your screen
  • Command-Shift-5 to crop an area of your screen


  • Download LICEcap or Kap (both free) to make quick .gif animations
    Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 8.38.59 PM.png
  • Upload a movie to YouTube and paste the link to your post

Logic file:

  1. Make a copy of your file and remove all unnecessary tracks and regions
  2. Save the file organized as a folder. 
  3. In the Finder, go inside the folder, Control-click the file and choose Compress. 
  4. Drag and drop the .zip file to your post
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rAC said:
David it seems like Cmd-Shift-4 no longer works. It's now Cmd-Shift-5.

There are different methods for taking screenshots: Command-Shift-3, Command-Shift-4, Command-Shift-5 ... they all work as expected here including Command-Shift-4 which allows you to easily drag to select the part of the screen you need to capture.

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Which of these of these steps make the file solid and ''selectable" for attachment? That's what I need in order to attach the file to a comment. It doesn't seem to be such a complicated detail.

If it's a Logic file, follow the paragraph that starts with "To attach a Logic file...".

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.mov and .mp4 not accepted? I wanna share a screenshot video...

It's 18MB btw


Two solutions for sharing a video in our forum:

1. Use LiceCap (free) to capture an animated .gif and attach it here as you would an image.



2. Upload your video to YouTube and embed it to your post:


if the video URL is www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ then write:


PS: If you would rather not have YouTube visitors see your video, set it as Unlisted.

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David, Thank's for getting back to me. This is the first Logic forum I joined. I closed all my windows and then when I reopened and all the regions were green and I was able to record and play back. Weird, I have no idea how this happened. 

Your book looks interesting. I am wondering if it has info on file storing but mostly on figuring out which windows to open  when working. Sounds ridiculous but I sometimes find my file opened with a smattering of windows and I'm not sure which ones to use. As I said before, I'm fairly new at this but finally and fiercely  going after it. I've had Logic for quite some time,

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Thanks! Sorry with no borders, the screenshot isn't exactly elegant.

For anyone on a Firefox browser on Windows or Linux, and has privacy.resistFingerprinting in about:config set to true, you need to set it to false to be able to upload piks.

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