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Adding pre roll and music cues to a timecode track and bouncing out an mp3 with the timecodes embedded


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Hi guys,


So I have a question about working with timecode wav files and adding pre rolls and cues to it with a number of corresponding tracks, in my case its for a light show to make sure the music and lights play at the correct time.


So the project I have is a 5 hour set and I have been given a timecode wav file and have to at certain times add a pre roll of 3 seconds and a music cue to this timecode file with the corresponding track underneath to play. Once I have all the tracks in the right running order and the pre rolls and music cues added I need to make a new mp3 with a mono version of the music on left and the correct audio timecode on right.


Don't know how hard or easy this is to do in Logic, would really appreciate a detailed response just so I know for sure what to do.


Thanks so much!

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